It Isn’t Chains That Bind us…



T and I were having a conversation through text messages today. There came a point where I didn’t give her the response she was obviously looking for, and she was very quick to correct me and obtain the simple “Yes Ma’am” that would of sufficed. All I could do was smile. I don’t love making mistakes, but I love being corrected and held accountable when I do.

This got me thinking about the dynamics of our relationship. How she meets my every need by being loving, strong, firm, direct and patient. How she fulfills my need of being Dominated in all aspects of our lives. But what about her?

Here’s the thing…(I didn’t want to go here in this post but I sort of have to) I’ve played with BDSM in the past but it was just that, playing. We were playing roles, no needs were being met and I realized I needed this life on a much deeper level. I need to be with a truly Dominant person. Someone who needs to control as much as I need controlling…Someone who actually enjoys inflicting pain as much as I love receiving it. Someone who receives pleasure by doing those things.  I found that person in T. Someone who wants and needs this life outside of sex as much as I do. I promise to strive and be the best submissive, lover, partner and best friend I can possibly be so that she may know the joy and fulfillment I do just by having her in my life. My trust for her knows no bounds, and without question, I would lay down and willingly submit to her every want and desire. There may come a time where she requests something I’m unsure about, but the fact remains, I trust her. And it’s that trust that allows me to follow her lead without hesitation.

In each other we have found the one soul who completes the other. We are where we belong.

Until next time…I’m Trulyhers


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4 Responses to It Isn’t Chains That Bind us…

  1. maeve says:

    I am so with you there! Your pic says it all. The need of the Dom is as great as the submissive. In essence we are soul-mates. On the journey to become submissive we find a much stronger and trustworthy version of our self than we ever had envisioned in the vanilla world. I look forward to reading more.


  2. Beautiful and so well said.

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