The Memory Box…


It’s no secret that D/s relationships have caused much debate over the years. Society assumes that people in submissive roles are being mistreated, unloved and degraded. How could a person who Dominates, controls, and sometimes inflicts pain on another human being be anything but disturbed??

Let me lay it out for you…Yes I will do anything and everything T ever asks of me. Yes I will willingly submit my mind, heart, body and soul to her, and  trust in her to guide us through our life. Guess what people…Without thought to her own safety or well being, she’d do the same for me and then some. No, you won’t find her bound and gagged and being spanked across the ass (not in a million years). But what you will find is someone who loves me unconditionally and goes out of her way to prove this to me everyday. You will also find someone who would go to the ends of the earth to keep me safe and protect me by any means necessary. She holds me when I’m sad and laughs with me when I’m happy.

On a recent trip to her house (and I hope she doesn’t mind me revealing her sentimental side, I’ll soon find out) she wanted to show me something. She located a key, took me into another room and unlocked a lock box she has. Inside was another box, one that would bring tears streaming down my face. We took the box back to her bedroom and got nice and comfy on her bed. My anticipation was more than I could stand but I waited patiently. As she lifted the lid and began removing the cherished items, my heart melted and my eyes began to rain.

Inside, was every memento, every picture, every memory we had created all those years ago. She had saved everything for fifteen long years. Ten of which were spent completely apart, and obviously held it in high regard to keep it all safely under lock and key. She had lovingly held on to every card I ever sent her, every picture we had taken, meaningful gifts I had given her, pictures of my daughter and I, and even a napkin with a kiss from me in the perfect shade of lipstick. Last but not least, there it was…My collar. The tears continued to fall as we explored each and every item while we took our walk down memory lane.

So you see, society may have it’s opinions and that’s okay. T and I, along with a large community around the world, may have our “not so ordinary” desires, but that in no way cheapens or diminishes the love she has for me.

Thanks for stopping in and reading…

Until next time…I’m Trulyhers

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2 Responses to The Memory Box…

  1. maeve says:

    It would seem that we share so much of the same in our SO’s and ourselves. While I am not sure where Master keeps the love letters that I wrote on parchment and sent to him in Iraq, I recently created a similar box exclusively for the protection of my collar. While, my first collar was not expensive, the sentimental value is priceless and I search daily on how to improve the care of it. I wish I could insert a photo here, but I do not see the option.

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  2. trulyhers19 says:

    Maeve, I read the post about the wooden boxes you/re made but didn’t see where to comment. I love them, they are beautiful! Very crafty!


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