An Active Imagination…


I’m a believer of the saying “art imitates life” No, I’m not crazy but I do have an active imagination so bare with me. I have a habit of looking beyond what’s on the surface and delving deep into things. (this is not always a positive attribute) I find myself questioning why the artist created the piece in the first place. Why did he choose to place the blooming tree in the center?

This particular painting speaks volumes to me. The artist and everyone else may have a completely different interpretation of this painting, but here’s mine…

Not only is the blooming tree in the center, notice all the darkness around it. To me that represents despair and chaos. The dark clouds and the mountains seem to be surrounding the area and trying to drown the life from it. If you look closely, you’ll notice a ray of light coming from above, just over the tree.

My overall perception of this particular piece is that no matter how much your life seems to be surrounded by darkness and even if it seems all hope is lost, it’s not. The tree represents you. You’re centered, you’re grounded with roots. You’re beautiful, alive and thriving even in the midst of turmoil. The ray of light from above is screaming that there’s a way out of the abyss.


This one is no different. Again, here’s my imagination at work…

The trees appear dark and cold, almost lifeless in the absence of leaves or blooms. They seem to be blocking the way to the other side with their thorny and jagged limbs, eager to keep you trapped. The sky is cast in shades of beautiful and bright colors. If you notice, there are pathways through those trees, There is a way out.

If you find yourself meandering through dark times, keep moving forward. The beauty and happiness that life has to offer are only a few steps away.

Now if you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you may see a resemblance in my interpretation of these pieces of art, to my life. (hence, “art imitates life”) For twenty years I’ve walked among chaos, darkness, thorns and jagged limbs, always reaching out to hold me back or block my path. But I see the beauty beyond. I see the hope for a brighter future…T is that future for me and I’m no longer scared to get a few scratches on me while clawing my way through the darkness towards her. She is my bright beautiful sky, she is the sun shining down and breathing life in me…Into my roots. She always has been.

Until next time, I’m Trulyhers

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