The Crossroads…


The more I post here you’ll come to realize I’m an extremely emotional person. I sometimes have trouble separating my emotions from reasoning.

Last night I was so stressed out from a day spent with my teenage daughter that I ended up being rude and irritated with T. I was giving her short answers, not engaging in our conversation and whining. Did I do it on purpose? If I’m honest with myself, I may have done a little of it intentionally just to see what her reaction would be. I mean, I could of just as easily answered her questions with a “no Ma’am” or “yes Ma’am” rather than the “nope” and “yea’s” that I gave her. And the sighs of irritation I voiced when she told me to do the last couple of nightly chores I needed to do.

Her reaction? Well, I’m sitting here writing this post about how my emotions overrule my reasoning! Although I somewhat disagree, when I sit and honestly think about it, I’m sure there’s a point to this. I’m sure she sees in me something I don’t even see in myself. Something I must need help with to be a better person. A more calm and less anxious person.

I sometimes, not always, tend to react immediately to a situation out of pure, raw emotion rather than taking a step back for a second. I can say that I’ve been working on this flaw but it’s not always easy. In business, I do hold back and think things through before reacting, but not always in my personal life. What can I say, I’m a work in progress.

In closing, when I come to the crossroads of emotion and reasoning, I need to always remember to keep a clear head and react appropriately in any given situation especially with T. I want nothing more than to please her and show her I’m growing in every area of my self awareness.

Until next time…Trulyhers



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  1. maeve says:

    Got to love our writing exercises. You can tell mine. Like today’s. Lol

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