Be a Panda…


Today’s thoughts aren’t meant to offend anyone or provoke  a riot out there in the blogosphere. They are simply a reflection of a conversation I had earlier today.

Let me begin by saying that I am a caucasian female but in NO WAY am I prejudiced or biased towards any other race. I have had many African American friends over the years, have had an African American boyfriend during my teens, and as a Therapeutic Foster Parent, I housed a few children of different races under my own roof. I treated them no different than I did my own children and loved them immensely.

With that said, I’m personally tired of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Don’t ALL lives matter? I feel that every time a black person makes a comment such as, “My fellow black Americans”, or every time you point out the difference in our colors, you are perpetuating racism. Until there is no division based on color, nationality, or sexual preference, there will always be a divide. Honestly people, can you imagine if we had a “movement” for all races??? What sort of hatred and chaos would that create???

Yes we should celebrate, remember, and embrace all cultures, but not to the extent that it makes a division between one group and another. Every time that’s done, we have to pick a side and there’s division once again.

racism hands

To me, true equality means not looking for the label but rather looking at the person. We should all be judged strictly on our actions and the kind of people we are. Are you a murderer, a thief, a rapist? Or are you a good Mother, a good Father, a good teacher? Are you considerate or kind? Do you have compassion? These are the things that make people who they are, not the color of their skin, their job, how much money they have, or who they sleep with at night.

Thanks for reading today’s ramblings,

Until next time…I’m Trulyhers

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  1. maeve says:

    Love love love love


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