Yes, I prefer lipstick…


My previous post has me thinking. The stereotype that most lesbian couples consist of a feminine female and a less feminine female are just silly. (No you won’t find me using terms such as butch, femme, dyke, lipstick lesbian, I hate labels!) Yes, you may see this type of couple out in the world but they aren’t attracted to the other JUST because they’re lesbian. It’s a simple matter of personal preference. Why all the stereotypes in the first place?

Let’s take a look at heterosexual relationships for a moment. There are women who are attracted to more masculine guys, while others prefer a man who’s more in touch with his feminine side. Some are drawn to blondes while others prefer dark hair. The list goes on and on…Thin versus thick…facial hair as opposed to clean shaven. The attraction of men to women is just as diverse. It’s a great thing because it re enforces the fact that there is someone for everyone.

Lesbian relationships are no different. I myself am a total girly girl. I wear makeup, I color and style my hair, I wear girly clothes and shoes and of course, matching jewelry. I keep my nails polished with bright glossy colors and I love sexy bras, panties and lingerie, but I’m not attracted to that type of woman. I’m more captivated by less feminine women. I prefer a woman who has shorter hair, wears jeans and tshirts and presents herself with the appearance of being comfortable with who she is. And I definitely don’t want my partner wearing makeup, girly jewelry or sexy lingerie. I’ll take the low maintenance chick any day! lol


I’m still not sure why there are so many stereotypes surrounding lesbians. The differences in who ALL people are attracted to are as plentiful as there are people in the world. Gay or straight.

Until next time…Trulyhers



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  1. tlizzy says:

    Thank you for your post x

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