It’s the Little Things…

Only one week to go before I head to T’s house for an extended stay and I’m beside myself with excitement!  I can’t wait to be there when she arrives home from work that day. I can feel her hugs and taste her kisses as I sit here typing.

It’s the little things that make me happy. The feeling I get in my tummy when we’re riding down the road and she reaches over to hold my hand. The breath that catches in my throat when I hear her car door each afternoon, or the feel of her touch waking me each morning. How lying in bed positioned lower than her reminds us both that I’m hers.

The feeling of pride I get from being out with friends or just out in public and I’m submitting to her in ways only she and I know. The pleasure I experience by walking on her left side because that’s what she prefers, or how sitting on the inside of the booth at a restaurant gives me a sense of security because she desires to protect me at all times. The overwhelming assurance that I’m cherished, safeguarded and loved every minute of the day.

This is going to be a long week as my anticipation of being in her arms elevates immensely. I love you T and will soon be where I belong.

Until next time, Trulyhers


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