I was given the topic of “Strength” to write about. How do I define it and do I consider myself strong?

When I think of a strong person, I think of someone who is independent, unafraid, confidant, optimistic and self sufficient among other positive attributes.

My initial answer of whether or not I consider myself strong would be a definite no. I’ve always been dependent on others, I usually don’t stand up for what I want, and have always seen myself as emotionally weak. I’m also the MOST indecisive person you’ll ever meet! It’s rather annoying. I have OCD and mood swings and have lived with those for years. Not a fun task by any means.

In doing research for this post I came across a list of positive attributes of an emotionally strong person…

Emotionally strong people …

  1. are less discouraged by setbacks and disappointments.
  2. are more adaptable to change.
  3. are able to recognize and express their needs.
  4. focus on getting around a hurdle rather than on the hurdle itself.
  5. can learn from mistakes and criticism.
  6. tend to see the larger perspective in a challenging situation.
  7. are able to recover more quickly from emotional wounds such as failure or rejection.


Let’s take a look at this list and how I rate myself on these seven traits.

1-If I encounter a set back, I’m usually able to think rationally of another way to reach the end goal and usually achieve it.

2-I’m afraid of change but once the change occurs I’m like a flower, I bloom where I’m planted.

3-When I really consider this, I come to the conclusion that I am in fact able to recognize what I want and have no qualms expressing it.

4-Refer to #1…If I really want to reach a goal, I WILL make it happen. I will overcome obstacles, and climb mountains to attain it.

5-I have no problem taking constructive criticism and take pride in learning from my mistakes.

6-I’m able to see the bigger picture rather than developing tunnel vision. This allows me to be able to make informed and educated decisions in order to overcome the challenge.

7-This is a difficult one…I’m extremely emotional and take almost EVERYTHING personally. I’d like to say I have a positive quality in this department but I honestly can’t think of a situation where I would recover quickly or not allow rejection to bother me.

I suppose six out of seven ain’t bad! LOL 😉

When I just skim the surface, no, I’m not a strong person, but when forced to dig a little deeper into myself and actually consider the qualities that could determine if I have strength or not…I’d have to say that yes, I am a strong, capable, determined, tenacious and spunky girl.

Thanks T for giving me the topic. I know you had a lesson in mind that you wanted me to learn…To realize I possess more strength than I ever imagined.



Until next time…I’m Trulyhers


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5 Responses to Strength…

  1. Kissing Fish says:

    That was wonderful! Stay strong my submissive sister.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. maeve says:

    Funny how they always know what we need. I’ve been going through a rough patch and my mind starts to lead me to write where he wants.

    Liked by 1 person

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