30 Days of Truths…



Found this 30 Days of Truths Challenge and thought it would be interesting to do it…Feel free to join me with your truths!

Day 1…Something I dislike about myself…

Geesh, This is difficult because there’s NO way I could narrow this down to one thing. My first reaction is superficial and I can’t help being drawn to all my external flaws. My yucky chubby legs, my arms (I can’t stand my arms) my smile, and so on and so forth.

But let’s get real here. If I had to choose one thing it would be my OCD.

Imagine that your mind got stuck

on a certain thought or image…

Then this thought or image got replayed in your mind

over and

over again

no matter what you did…

You don’t want these thoughts — it feels like an avalanche…

Along with the thoughts come intense feelings of anxiety…

Anxiety is your brain’s alarm system. When you feel anxious, it feels like you are in danger. Anxiety is an emotion that tells you to respond, react, protect yourself, DO SOMETHING!

On the one hand, you might recognize that the fear doesn’t make sense, doesn’t seem reasonable, yet it still feels very real, intense, and true…

Why would your brain lie?

Why would you have these feelings if they weren’t true? Feelings don’t lie…  Do they?

Unfortunately, if you have OCD, they do lie. If you have OCD, the warning system in your brain is not working correctly. Your brain is telling you that you are in danger when you are not.

When scientists compare pictures of the brains of groups of people with OCD, they can see that some areas of the brain are different than the brains of people who don’t have OCD.

Those tortured with OCD are desperately trying to get away from paralyzing, unending anxiety…


Yes, I live in a constant state of anxiety. Any stressful situation or big change exacerbates the condition. I realize it’s all so irrational but feel completely helpless to it. I’m constantly counting things in my head. Every step I take and every little thing I do has to be counted. I have to end on a certain number or I convince myself something bad will happen. It’s a very stressful life and I’d give almost anything to not have to deal with it.

Wanna join me in the challenge? Let’s hear your truths! You can find the list at https://laurencox12.wordpress.com/30-days-of-truth-challenge/

Until Next time…I’m Trulyhers



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3 Responses to 30 Days of Truths…

  1. maeve says:

    I am with you there honey… OCD sucks. The feeling that something bad happen if something isn’t done the right way just sucks. My mother hates hanging laundry with me. I even go to the laundromat and sort it back into the hampers the way I’ll pull it out to hang it on the line. My books all have to be organized a certain way. the same with well everything else. I have to train everyone where everything goes! ahhhh

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