My Inner “little”


I love being submissive because…

I’m attracted to a dominant partner, someone who’s assertive, self assured and definitely physically stronger than me. It’s a huge turn on to bare my mind, body and soul to someone who is capable of hurting me, but never would intentionally.

There are so may quizzes that put labels on subs and even Doms that suggest what your “label” is. Have I mentioned before that I dislike labels? lol Anyway, for me personally, I am not just one type. I feel I’m a variety of each type. (I like to keep it interesting LOL) For example:

1-Service…I enjoy and get satisfaction doing things for T that I know she appreciates. For instance, she likes for me to iron her shirts. I absolutely hate ironing but I’d do it for her.

2-Sexual…I receive tremendous gratification in submitting sexually. I need her to be Dominating, take what she wants, and give me what she thinks I deserve. I’m delighted by the feeling of her being in control of my body, knowing she can and will do whatever pleases her. And the mental release I get from letting go and having her take charge is beyond fulfilling. Enduring the pain she feels she needs to inflict gives me great comfort.


3-Little…(childlike) If you look up the definition of this type it can sound alarming. With mentions of coloring and stuffed animals and all things that remind you of a child. Here goes the big admission!!! I consider myself to have more than a few qualities that would fall into this category…NOTE: No, I’m not into coloring nor do I have any attraction to children. (just throwing that out there)  However, I do need to have boundaries and rules set, be made to adhere to them, and suffer the consequences when I don’t. I thrive in the environment where T doesn’t take my shit, or let me get away with anything. I crave that discipline. I enjoy being silly, teasing and playing around with her, and I of course from time to time, will purposely be a “bad girl” in order to get a reaction. It’s naturally in my personality to behave cute and play the part of that adorable, sweet little girl. Just as a child likes the feelings of being safe and nurtured and cared for, so do I. These are all characteristics and behaviors of someone who is under the control and protection of another. I love laying in her lap while she rubs my head as I look up into her eyes knowing she’s my protector, my teacher, my disciplinarian, my love, my…T. And I’m her good little girl.

You can find a plethora of websites that list “types of subs” but I feel they can all sort of be categorized into one of the three above.

Let’s strip the labels and be who we are in the comfort of our own homes. What we do behind closed doors in the confines of a safe and consensual relationship shouldn’t be subjected to a title anyway.

D/s relationships are ever flowing and changing. Our needs and wants change and we adapt. But what will always remain is this…I love being submissive because it provides contentment, comfort and safety for me. I finally feel like I’m truly me, without laughs or judgments.


Until next time…I’m Trulyhers img-thing


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2 Responses to My Inner “little”

  1. maeve says:

    Are we freaking twins? OMG the similarities are uncanny

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