Happiness, Next Exit…


OH MY GOSH! I’ve been anticipating this day for over a month now and I’m beyond thrilled that it’s arrived!

I know I mentioned before that I absolutely hate mornings right? Well, it just so happens I couldn’t wait for this morning to show it’s beautiful face and I was actually awake before the roosters! (a rare occurrence, I know) My bags were already packed, all I had to do was hop in the car and hit the road. As I traveled seven hours north, the sun was shining, birds were chirping, 80’s music was blaring, and my hair was blowing in the wind. Even though this was all before 7am, there was nothing that could wipe the smile from my face.

You may have read my post titled An Active Imagination, which can be found here…https://wordpress.com/post/webelongblog.wordpress.com/393   where I discuss how I analyze and interpret art. I’m very careful when choosing images for my blog posts. The piece has to speak to me, and the one you see above is of course no different.


You see, my road trip today delivered me into the arms of my love. That long lonely road is one we’ve been on every day for so long, just waiting for our next visit. Many dark and gloomy days were spent apart, but we were both able to see that colorful sunrise at the end of the road.  That sunrise not only represents this cheerful day, it represents our bright and peaceful future.

Good evening to you all, and until next time,

I’m Trulyhers



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