Where I Belong…


When I awakened this morning, I was in her bed, in her room, in her home. Arising here feels so right, it feels like home…It’s where I belong.

The smell of her skin, the taste of her body and the warmth her presence provides for me is intoxicating. She reaches into my very soul with such tenderness, and devotion that I’m compelled to allow her to take me…To take me places only she can.

She came across a post recently and I want to share an excerpt from it:

“If you are ever fortunate enough to meet a natural submissive who is at a point in her life where she can give herself to you, and if you have within yourself what it takes to master her…Well, there is no force in the universe like what you are about to experience. Be forewarned because you cannot possibly be prepared.”

She and I were both awe stricken at the depth of this statement as it left us both silent while we processed the intensity of it.

I’ve always known that I’m a natural submissive but never in my life have I wanted to or allowed myself to completely give one person my entire being. My heart,  mind, body and soul will remain forever hers.

NOTE: The art pictured above speaks volumes to me. They have both bared themselves completely to one another with wild abandon. One is literally reaching into the soul of the other, lovingly taking what she desires, even though it’s obvious the little one is willingly offering it to her anyway. I truly love you T. With you, I am home…I’m where I belong.

Until next time…I’m Trulyhers


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5 Responses to Where I Belong…

  1. sillysadness says:

    That is so beautiful thank you so much for sharing.

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  2. bullydawg says:


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