Coffee and You…


T gave me this topic a couple of weeks ago and it’s taken me this long to ponder what in the world I could possible have to say that’s favorable about mornings.

Normally I detest mornings, I absolutely loathe alarm clocks and think they should all be smashed and burned. If I  had my way, I’d lounge in bed snuggled up with my pillows just relaxing and taking my sweet time getting up to start my day.

On the other hand, when I’m with T, I enjoy waking up with her. I enjoy seeing the sunrise and knowing the earlier I’m awake, the longer we have to spend together. I don’t want to miss a single moment when she’s present. I’m also very thankful for each day that I’m given in this life because none of us are promised tomorrow. I need to enjoy the pure beauty of being alive and make the most of each day.

And honestly, there’s nothing  dreadful about coffee! I absolutely love having my morning cup of java on the porch while the rest of the world is silent and still while the smell of bacon wafts through the crisp air.

I suppose there are many reasons to actually enjoy mornings and I’m still coming around to them. But for now, I’ll say the best things are: being alive, coffee…And YOU!

Until next time…Trulyhers



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4 Responses to Coffee and You…

  1. sillysadness says:

    that is so beautiful. I love how when reading it I can see myself sitting on a porch while the quiet and the smell bacon mingle together.

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  2. tlizzy says:

    Love my coffee too girl!

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