As I dutifully knelt at her feet, I found myself being transported to a place I didn’t know existed. The warmth of her hand  on my head gave me a sense of safety and assurance that she accepts my submission. This beautiful gesture of devotion and servitude proved to be extremely satisfying for me. I had never felt so calm and pliable in my life.

With my arousal mounting, I was astonished to feel the sensation of warm wetness between my thighs. The sweet moisture seeping out and flowing from my pussy like a slow dripping faucet. My body was on fire and  her touch was electrifying…I was putty in her hands.

T…I kneel before you not because you chose me, but rather because I chose you. I’m completely yours and am more than confidant of your capability to mold me into what you desire. To push my limits and show me that what I think my limits are and what they actually are are two different things. I know this now.

There’s no where else on earth I’d rather be than kneeling before you, faithfully proving my obedience. It’s my hope that you are just as gratified with this humble display of my complete submission to you.

I Love You and am Truly yours.My submission to you is reaching new heights with every passing day. a3aba2d49ce2de2632f18d62a715e680


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