The Escape From Chaos…

The Foggy Morning-60x80

My mind is like a beehive, always buzzing with a million things coming and going  with very little escape. It’s relentless, creating nothing but chaos in my head.

I’ve talked about subspace and my initial opinion of whether it existed or not. With my never ending brain activity, I often speculated if it was even possible for me to reach it. Let me be the first to say…It exists and is undeniably real. It’s a quiet, peaceful  dwelling where only She and I reside.

Being able to mentally achieve such a sense of serenity is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. But the reality is I was able to achieve it with nothing more than the touch of Her hand, the taste of Her kisses and the tantalizing teasing of my nipples. It was pure sensual ecstasy that carried me across the threshold from reality to unadulterated euphoria.


The complete trust I have for T allowed me to escape to the place where my mind and body granted Her whatever She desired, no matter what that entailed. The feeling of my mind letting the world around me disappear knowing that when I awoke, I’d be unharmed, loved and cared for. The only things that existed were Her touch and Her voice. God, Her voice! Gently guiding me down the path to freedom. This my friends, is paradise.

She knows me better than I know myself and with that knowledge, She has vowed to push my limits and take me beyond them. Teaching me that I am much more than I ever dreamed and training me to overcome those limits and restraints I had set for myself.

Now I get it and understand why so many submissives crave this special place. I came out of it with a better sense of who I am, and the realization that my submissiveness and my willingness to give Her all of me has no limits. There is no ceiling or restrictions to what She can offer me, how far She can take me and what I will freely and readily permit Her to do.

I Love You…Trulyhers
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