Ten More Things…


Flowering Gardenia

Ten more things about me…

1- My first car was a Datsun honey bee, with the little bumble bee sticker on the side. Ugly baby poop orange color too.

2-I love the smell of gardenias.

3-The first time I had sex, I was forced to do it.

4- I love the smell of fresh cut grass.


5-I met Toby Keith in person and had my pic taken with him.

6-I once had sex in a school bus…After school hours of course.

7-I enjoy the smell of potting soil to the point that I’d stick my head in a bag of potting soil and take huge wiffs. LOL

8-I used to spend Summer evenings at my Grandmother’s house catching lightning bugs in a jar.


9-I once put my male Boxer Bulldog in a box and beat him with a stick commanding him to have puppies. I was probably six at the time. Poor guy.

10-I used to bring home stray animals and sneak them into the house because I wanted to give them a home.



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One Response to Ten More Things…

  1. I really liked #9! 🙂 Imagine if it had worked! giggles*

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