Five Years From Now…


Five years from now I will be forty nine years old. I will be older, wiser and relaxed in the knowledge that my children are grown, self sufficient and able to support themselves.

I’d like to have gotten a grasp on my weight and health and be the healthiest I can be by then.

I’d like to have crocheted a quilt like afghan that’s very intricate and time consuming.

I’d like to be able to earn my own money and not have to depend on someone else for everything.

I’d like to not be afraid of life and/or death.

I’d like to have done at least three to five things on my “Life Goals” list.

I’d like to live a peaceful existence with very little stress and worry.

I’d like to become the person that actually follows through on goals or projects that I set out to do.

I’d like to have actually read all the books on my “to read” list.

I’d like to have gotten my OCD and anxiety under control and be med free from that disorder.

I’d like to have a cute little house, with a big front porch,  a yard, two kitty cats and living happily with the love of my life.


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