Seven Words Describing Myself…


Compassion-Share-ItSeven words to describe myself…

Compassionate…I genuinely care about others and their feelings. Sometimes too much.

Impatient…When I want something, I want it now and lack the ability to wait for it.

Emotional…I wish I was more logical than emotional with my decision making.

Open minded…I’m open to new ideas, suggestions and do my best not to judge others on their life choices.

Loyal…To a fault.

Friendly…Even though I don’t necessarily like meeting new people or having to carry on a conversation of small talk, I’m very good at it. I like to say “I don’t like people, but I’m good with people”

Inquisitive…Oh my gosh, I want to know every detail of everyone’s business. I have no problem asking personal questions that are obviously none of my business. Lol I’m not nosy, I’m inquisitive!



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