My Favorite Time of Day…


I love colorful sunsets. A myriad of colors in every shade beautifully displayed across the sky for my viewing pleasure. No matter where you are, or the season, it can be admired from anywhere.

In the Spring and Summer, I enjoy sitting on the porch with a cold beverage, or in the Fall with a cup of coffee while watching the sun descend for the evening. The vibrant  splashes of color seem to sooth my inner being and give me an appreciation for the beauty around us.

Dusk is the perfect time of day in almost any season. During the hot Summer, the temperatures are cooling off just a bit, making it tolerable to sit outside without the sweltering heat  from the blistering sun. I also wonder if my childhood has anything to do with this being my favorite time of day? I was raised in the south, where the entire family would retire to the porch each night after dinner. We’d sit in the rocking chairs and talk and I remember the feeling of being safe and secure, surrounded by those I loved the most.


The evening hours seem to hold fond memories for me. The smell of the grass that was cut that day, the taste of sweet tea, the comforting feeling of a full tummy,  and the confirmation that your family would always be there.

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