Let’s Be Honest…


Honesty is much easier when your telling it to yourself…

It’s easy for me to admit things to myself, even if they aren’t things I particularly want to admit, but I’d rather admit it to myself than to someone else.

I’m not someone who shies away from confrontation, but when it comes to telling someone something they don’t necessarily want to hear, I get nervous.  My anxiety shoots through the roof and I get physically sick to my stomach. Even so, once the truth has been told, the feeling of relief is immensely freeing.


I suppose it’s easier to be honest with myself because I have nothing to fear. No fear of judgment, or harsh words, no worry of criticism as they sit there and critique your life. It’s much easier for us to accept ourselves rather than hoping others will accept us. Not to mention, we know for a fact what’s in our hearts and minds. Someone else can portray to us that they accept us or they aren’t hurt or angry, but we honestly have no way of knowing that. We can’t read their minds…We can’t see inside their soul.

Of course honesty is always the best policy, I just find it easier to tell it to myself.


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