I feel my best attribute is my ability to have compassion for others. I’m pretty sure  it’s because I actually take the time to get to know someone (by asking questions most people would cringe at). I actually care about them and their life, struggles and all. Call me nosy, I call it being inquisitive. LOL But seriously, it allows me to actually get to know people.

It’s not always a good thing though. Sometimes I care so much that I get emotionally invested and worry myself sick with other people’s issues. Trust me, I have enough issues of my own, I don’t need the added stress of theirs as well.


If I could improve one attribute it would be my expert ability to procrastinate. I’m the queen! I put stuff off until the last minute and avoid doing things if I’m not in the mood. I would get such a sense of accomplishment if I could be more proactive, forge ahead and complete tasks in a timely manner.

OH, I almost forgot…There’s one more attribute I need to improve and that’s my ability to remember things. I’m terrible! I forget everything! I am on lots of different meds and I’m left to wonder if this has something to do with my lack of remembering things. No matter the cause, it’s extremely annoying and I wish I could improve it.

Until next time…Trulyhers

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