In That Moment I Knew…


Being submissive is a huge part of who I am and I’m almost constantly in the mindset of deferring to T. 

I feel submissive when I’m wearing my collar, kneeling, sitting on the floor with my head in her lap and especially when we’re alone. When we’re alone there’s this feeling of not knowing what to expect or when.

Recently T and I were in bed, we had made love and I was in her arms basking in the afterglow. She was lovingly caressing my body with the delicate touch of her hands, the only thing piercing the fog in my head was her gentle voice telling me to relax and enjoy the moment.

She got up and came around the bed, grazing my body with her touch placing my arms where she wanted them. (I thought she was just helping me get comfortable) Little did I know. 

When I began to recover from the intense lovemaking, I tried to turn towards her to cuddle only to find I couldn’t move. I was bound to the bed by my wrists, arms outstretched…Completely at her mercy. It was in this moment that I realized I had never felt more submissive in my life.


The feeling of having absolutely no control over what happened to me but also feeling so loved and cherished at the same time was an awakening for me. I relaxed and gave into the fact that I’m hers and no matter what, she will protect and care for me at all costs.

I enjoy every aspect of our mutually respectful relationship, but the fact remains that she is in control and will continue to find ways for my submission to evolve and grow day by day.

Is there a time when you feel more submissive?

Until next time…I’m Trulyhers

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