My Dislikes…


Things I dislike…

People leaving cabinet doors open

Shoes being worn in the house

Melting snow (it makes me sad)

Alarm clocks

Books or movies that end without answering all questions


Cleaning bathrooms



Pulling weeds

Irregular heartbeats (unfortunately I have these often)+

Being out of coffee or creamer

Being out of candles

People decorating for Christmas while still having pumpkins on their porch!!!

Finishing a puzzle to find the last piece missing

Being overweight

Heat and humidity

Chasing dogs after they dig out

Slow drivers in my way


TV shows being interrupted by news announcements


Having a heart condition

Having asthma

People who text me but disappear when I answer

Hurting people’s feelings

Ungrateful people



Dirty floors

Dirty bathrooms


Driving my car before the heater turns on

Getting to a movie after it’s started!


Non crispy bacon

Having to park a while away

Overcooked pasta

Public bathrooms

Touching public door handles

Unloading the dishwasher

images (2)

Sitting in traffic

Folding panties

Folding sheets

Other people snoring

Other people smacking food

Ads on on my phone apps

People adding me to Facebook groups without me having to approve it…SO annoying

Being without a bathroom nearby


Know it all people

People who brag

Animal abuse

Thin people who say they’re fat…stfu already

The word swag


The list could probably go on but I’ll stop here…What do you dislike?


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