I should have…


Things I regret not doing…

Not going to London with my high school marching band when we were invited to perform for the queen, because I was afraid to fly…

Not going to college

Not standing up for myself more

Not using sunscreen in my younger days

Not working out and staying in shape

Not asking more questions before my grandparents died

Not finishing lots of projects that I started

Not going to the Winchester Mansion when I lived in Cali

Not saving money


Not going to the Redwood Forest when I lived in Cali

Not visiting Savannah when I lived in Ga

Not spending the last ten years where I should of been

Not having been single and lived on my own in my early twenties

Not being more independent

Not being more adventurous

Not putting myself first…Ever
Until next time…Trulyhers


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2 Responses to I should have…

  1. maeve says:

    We Californians don’t call it Cali!!! LOL… love you!!! oh and hey, just remember if you change even one decision your children could be completely different people… though some of the decisions i made i ultimately regret, i wouldn’t change a thing because I wouldn’t change my kids

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