As submissives, why do we break rules? I’ve talked a little about this topic before and I will honestly admit there are times when I break then in order to get a reaction…To reaffirm she’s paying attention.

But when we are hundreds of miles apart, what’s the reason? In this case, there is no reason because I’m not intentionally breaking rules, I’m simply forgetting.

Now, some of you may think “Oh, she’s making an excuse” but hear me out. It’s not an excuse, I am very forgetful. With that said, I’ll also admit that I’m obviously not putting the rules in the forefront of my mind and making them a priority. There, I admitted it. If I made a conscience effort to make T’s rules my priority, I probably wouldn’t forget.

Which brings me to my next point. I know some submissives think it’s harder living the lifestyle in person than long distance. I have to disagree. Think about it, of course it’s easier to be lazier, more forgetful and less accountable for my actions when I’m away from her.

When we’re together, I’m still not perfect but I have a lot less mishaps, that’s for sure! In person, I know she’ll hold me accountable, I know she’s there and can see everything making it much harder to be slack.
No matter where I am in this world, I need to work harder to honor her wishes. To show her they matter to me.




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One Response to Excuses…

  1. maeve says:

    I had that same problem until I moved. Of course, when I realized I broke a rule a fessed up immediately and accepted the discipline that was inevitable at our next meeting. But what about when they are slack on they rules they set for us? Master has been really loose on my diet lately and makes me wonder if he remember that we are trying to lose 85 pounds so I can get pregnant.

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