Toes in the Sand…



Why is the ocean so calming to me? I could sit there from sunup to sundown, and even all through the night. There’s something about the salt air, the warm breeze, the cool sand and the sound of crashing waves that sort of hypnotizes me.

Growing up one of my fondest memories is of my entire family going on a weeks vacation to the beach every year. It was a time when we left all the cares and worries of home behind, loaded the cars and headed for a full week of sun and fun. My memories consist of fishing, crabbing, building sandcastles, making seashell necklaces and sand candles. Don’t even get me started on the food! We had a hot cooked breakfast every morning and a home cooked dinner every night. I’m from the south, so I’m sure you can just imagine how many calories we were consuming! LOL


As I’ve gotten older I appreciate the more quiet times on the beach. Laying out, getting a tan, walks on the beach looking for treasures, the sound of the seagulls, and sitting quietly getting lost in a book while the tide rolls in around me.

I pack a cooler of water and snacks, a good book, my chair and umbrella and I’m all set. I enjoy arriving early and picking my spot. This way by the time evening comes, I’ve watched people of all kinds come and go throughout the day. I love being the last one with my toes in the sand, quietly appreciating the gifts that the shore line offers me.

The days of old consisted of baby oil, and while I still enjoy that sunkissed glow, I do use sunscreen these days and enjoy the natural waves the salt air gives my hair. It’s beachy waves with no work needed! 😉

Summer’s coming people! Get your beach gear ready…
Until next time…Trulyhers

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5 Responses to Toes in the Sand…

  1. maeve says:

    I grew up less than a mile from the beach my whole life, until I joined the Army. My travels and life have taken far from the safety of my home, but I love the beach. The Pacific is a warm and welcoming place that I will never forget. I hope to take Master there someday.

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