Missing You…



I miss you…

I love the smile on your face and way your lips brush softly against mine. I love the way those same soft lips turn into fierce, eager and forceful kisses, capturing mine as we melt into one.

I miss the feel of your skin and the smell of your body as you hold me close. The scent of your perfume is intoxicating and I miss it’s fragrance lingering on your skin.


I miss the way you make it a priority to show me how much I mean to you every day.  I miss the soft feel of your sheets on my skin as slip into bed for the night. I miss all the fluffy pillows that give your room such a cozy feel.

I miss the look of my book on your bedside table, my charger plugged in there and awaiting my return.

I miss sitting on the porch with you, and riding in the car with your strong capable hand holding mine.

I miss sitting across from you at our favorite breakfast place on Saturday mornings.

I miss the sound of your laughter when something is so funny that we about pee our pants.

I miss being by your side when you visit or go out with your family.

Nemo round 2 008-b

I miss watching it snow with you.

I miss the chicken philly cheesesteak from the local pizza shops in your town.

I miss your protective nature…The feeling of being safe when I’m with you.

I miss the way you always open the door for me.

I miss seeing you in a hoodie.

I miss being there at the end of the day when you get home.

I miss YOU, and everything about you. I can’t wait to be in your arms again.

I Love You…




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One Response to Missing You…

  1. sillysadness says:

    I know that feeling very well. It can be both sad and wonderful depending on what’s going on. Keep writing please

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