To Hell With Borrowed Time…


Every time I visit T we seem to be in a rush. There’s so many things we want to do and places we want to go that we try and cram it all into one week. Those times are always fun but I’m tired of feeling as if I have a time clock hanging over my head.

Now that I think of it, time has always been our enemy. We’ve always been on borrowed time and unfortunately, that clock never stops.

I just want to be beside her when she wakes each morning and waiting for her when she arrives home each afternoon. I want to be able to relax and take a walk or hang out with her family without having us feeling like we are wasting precious time.

To be able to go to bed each night in her arms without counting down each of those nights knowing they’ll soon run out.

I just want that nice little life that consists of love, relaxation and no stress. I want the “cuddle couch” (inside joke) and a sweet little kitty cat who snuggles with us at night. I want a cute little house with a cute little yard and cute flowers everywhere. I want to relax by the fire pit while cuddling in a hammock. I want to be spontaneous and make love in the grass in the middle of the night, getting lost in the depth of each other’s soul. 


I’m ready for Fall days in hoodies and summer time in flip flops with her.

I’m just ready for life…With her.


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