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Our Private Place…

In a small cabin, secluded in the woods away from nosy neighbors and onlookers, we’ll live quietly and happily ever after…A place that’s surrounded by nature, where privacy is never in question. Our little slice of paradise where my screams … Continue reading

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Your Voice…

  Your voice is the second thing I’m aware of each day…Telling me good morning and that you love me. This is the soft voice that is able to get a smile out of me even though I hate mornings. … Continue reading

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Your hands are the first thing I feel each day as you reach out to rub me and tell me good morning. It’s those same hands that make their way into mine as we go for a drive or take … Continue reading

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I Know You Love Me…

I know you… I know how tender hearted you are no matter how tough your exterior appears… I know your clothes have to be folded perfectly before putting them away… I know how you hate doctor appointments…And public bathrooms… I … Continue reading

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I found this online and thought it’d be a neat blog post. I’m going to answer the questions as if I’m T…And I challenge you to do the same babe;) What is something you always say to me?  Good morning … Continue reading

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True Story…

Today’s post is a short one but pretty interesting if you stop to think about it. Have you ever noticed when you meet new people, if you talk to them long enough you will find something in common or something … Continue reading

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Thanks Mom…

Okay, if you’ve read any of my posts you may have learned that I’m someone who worries WAY too much about what people think of me. I worry about what I wear, my hair, my makeup, and God forbid anyone … Continue reading

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