My Human Diary…


Among my daily stresses and dealing with depression, I never forget how thankful I am that T is in my life.

I know I posted recently about how grateful I am for her but that’s a never ending reality. No matter what I’m going through, and God knows I’m going through some crap right now, I can always count on her to be there to listen and offer words of encouragement.

She acknowledges my feelings, reminds me that I’m not alone and somehow, some way she makes me smile.

She’s the light when I’m surrounded by darkness. She’s the rainbow after the rain, and the sunshine after the storm. She’s my hope, my human diary. She contains all my deepest and darkest thoughts, confessions and desires. (That’s a lot for one person to bear!)

The feelings of being overwhelmed are exacerbated when she’s not near, but when we’re together, the hard times seem so much more bearable. The fact that she knows me and my feelings, can read me like a book, and always knows when something’s wrong is comforting for me.

I Love You T and appreciate everything you do and everything you are…




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