I Imagine…


I can’t help my mind wandering to the time when we’re together. If I were there when you got home today, I imagine I’d be waiting for you, wherever you had specified. When you come in the room my eyes would brighten and that smile you love would instantly appear on my face as you come over to gently kiss my waiting lips. Since I know you so well, I take one look at your face and immediately know where you’re going.

I lean back onto the bed as you place your arms on either side of me, pressing your soft but eager lips into mine while you continue to kiss me. My body begins to respond and ready itself for you…For whatever you desire. That familiar warmth begins to consume me, my thoughts are now blurred by the feel of your body on mine.

I run my fingers through your hair as you place your lips on my ear and whisper how much you love me. My back naturally arches up and my body begins to melt into yours. I begin to whimper as you take a handful of my hair in one hand while the other searches down the side of my body until it discovers the curve of my waist and grabs hold of my round hip. Your breathing becomes more rapid as you dig your fingers into my hip and begin pulling my hair…I’m breathless.
Our impatient mouths meet again while our tongues perform an erotic dance together…

And now, we wait…For the next installment of this story.



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  1. T says:

    Hope I ain’t waiting too long 🙂

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