I Imagine, Part Two…


And the story continues…

Kissing you is beyond intoxicating and I’m mesmerized by the feel of your lips on mine. You pull away just enough to look me in the eyes while you place my hands over my head, squeezing my wrists and pushing them into the bed…There’s no need for cuffs today, I instinctively know not to move them.

My breathing becomes more labored as you lean down, biting my lip. I feel the familiar touch of your hand in my hair and am startled when you grab another handful, pulling it while your tongue forcefully enters my mouth again.

I could kiss you for hours. The scent of your body next to mine, the feel of your hands and lips roaming over me is exhilarating. The buttons on my shirt are sent flying as you rip my shirt open and expose my waiting breasts to your hungry mouth…I whimper from the pain when you bite into the erect nipples, leaving your teeth marks behind.

Suddenly my legs are thrust open and my skirt shoved up to my waist. I’m barely aware of my surroundings as I feel my black lace panties being ripped from my body and shoved into my mouth. “Do you like that babygirl? Suck it! Suck it for Mama, taste your sweet syrup and like it.”  you growl as you  position yourself between my trembling thighs.

Your approval shows when you smile to find my pussy is primed and ready…Ripe for the eating. My body quivers as your fingers find their way to my greedy pussy…Greedy…Impatient…Restless, and craving to be stretched open with your

Strong steady hands.


“Has my baby been a good girl today? You ask. “Is that sweet pussy ready for some attention?”

“Yes Mama. I’ve been such a good girl.” I reply.

“Is this what you want?” as you force your fingers inside my starving wet slit.

“Yes please Mama! I’m begging you…Please!”

And my friends, this is where we eagerly wait for the next installment.

Until next time,


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