The Conclusion…


Part Three…

The warm walls of my wet slit clamp down on your fingers as they explore me from inside. Cries of ecstasy escape from me as you become more aggressive, pushing harder and deeper into my wetness. I could very easily erupt into orgasm at this very moment but you wouldn’t allow me to get off that easy.

“Is that pussy hungry for more?” You ask. “You want me to fill you up and fuck you hard don’t you babygirl?”

I manage to let out an almost inaudible “Yes Ma’am” between my gasps for air while my soaked panties fill my mouth. I feel you insert the fourth finger into my eager cunt and begin fucking me with such force I can’t contain my screams. My hips meet your every thrust, allowing you deeper inside…I can’t control my impending explosion much longer.

You are so strong and capable of bringing me to such heights of pleasure that the world around me dissipates. I’m only aware of you, and us, in this moment.


I’m quickly aware that you are removing yourself from me…I feel the emptiness where your hand was filling me…I open my eyes to find you hovering over me as you insert your dripping wet fingers into my mouth. “You love the taste of your own pussy don’t you baby? That’s a good girl. Suck every bit of your pussy juice like the good little girl you are.”

My mouth is eagerly sucking myself off of your hand, running my tongue between your fingers, mesmerized by the sweet scent and taste of my essence.

“Are you ready for more? Are you ready to cum for me baby?”

I know where your devious mind is going as I see you preparing your entire hand with lubricant. Oh my God I’m so ready for you…all of you. Inside my head I’m begging for it, I want it so bad.

I relax the walls of my sweet spot as you begin to gently insert three fingers, stroking me softly for a moment. The fourth enters…I continue to relax to allow every single inch of you inside, my breathing becomes deep and controlled. I close my eyes as you add your thumb and continue to work all five fingers into me…I want this…Badly.


I am aware of the wonderful feeling of being stretched and opened wide for you. I’m excited at the possibility of taking your entire hand inside of me. I’ve wanted this for so long.

Just when I feel I couldn’t possibly take anymore I hear your soft voice…”That’s all of it baby. That’s the whole thing.” I reach down to feel for myself finding the only part of your hand that’s exposed in  past that last thumb knuckle and your wrist. The overwhelming feeling of both pleasure and pain is incredible. My emotions are in the stratosphere someplace as you continue to rock your hand back and forth, determined to send me over the edge. The remarkable feeling of being so vulnerable sends waves of tremendous pleasure to my pussy. It’s hungry…Starving…And to have you feeding it everything you have is more than I can take.

My hips continue to meet your gentle thrusts, the slow rocking of your hand being enough to push me over the brink. “I have to cum. Please let me cum for you Mama.” The slow rhythmic  movement of your hand continues…


“That’s it babygirl, give it to me…Cum for me baby” And with those words I thrust my hips in an upward motion, off the bed, and into your hand, pushing your fingertips further into me…I rock my hips up and down just a couple of times before I explode into an earth shattering orgasm, screaming out in a pleasure I’ve never known before. The waves keep coming and I can feel the bed getting wet beneath me. My own nectar pouring past her hand and down my thighs…My cries and whimpers continue to fill the air as my body is left trembling for being ravished by you.

I begin to gain my senses to find myself wrapped warmly in our soft fluffy blankets, in our bed, in your arms, with you running your fingers gently through my hair and planting soft subtle kisses on my face. “I love you babygirl” you whisper. “I love you more.”

And this my friends is the conclusion of this story. It ends with she and I right where “We belong.”

Until next time,



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  1. hedo2014 says:

    Gorgeously written, thank you.

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