Thirty Day’s of Truth Day 4…


Something I need to forgive someone for…

Sitting here I can’t honestly think of one thing I need to forgive someone for but I do have anger towards others that I need to let go of. I understand forgiving will bring me peace and happiness but it’s so difficult for me to let go.

I tend to hold on to animosity towards those that have done me wrong. I’m not sure why because they keep living their life and I’m the one stuck in a place of resentment and irritation. I allow myself to be consumed with hatred and the never ending need to get even or strategically plot my revenge even though I’m well aware that I’m the only one giving the issue a second thought. I’m allowing someone else to rent space in my head. It sucks.


Why is this? I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m such a kind and caring person that it’s such a hard pill to swallow when someone purposely does something to hurt me. I can’t fathom why others can’t just be nice, joyful and treat others with basic love and compassion. It’s a very simple thing to do!

Forgiveness decreases our anger, our depression, our stress and our anxiety.  And Lord knows I have plenty of that. We sleep better. We relate to others better. Our general attitude is more positive, optimistic, and cheerful.

If only I could learn how to let go, or somehow gain the more strength to do so.



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