Thanks Mom…


Okay, if you’ve read any of my posts you may have learned that I’m someone who worries WAY too much about what people think of me. I worry about what I wear, my hair, my makeup, and God forbid anyone start an untrue rumor about me, I lose sleep for days!

Yesterday as I was sitting at work staring out the window the light bulb came on and I had an “AHHH HAAAA” moment. I realized the cause of the majority of my adult stress is…Wait for it…ALL MY MOTHER’S FAULT! (She disagrees) lol

I grew up with the constant reminders such as “Don’t wear that!” Or “That looks ugly.”  Or “What will people think?” Honestly I’m more concerned with what others think of my character than of my outward appearance. I take great offense when people don’t “get” me. I want to be known as a kind and caring person.

She happened to call me just as I was starting this post and I was elated. ( We have that type of relationship where we can tell each other things knowing the other may not like it but we’ll get over it. LOL) I proceeded to tell her she was the cause of all my adult stress because of the way she raised me. Her response? “Well thank you!” I replied with “Umm Mom, that’s not exactly a compliment.” LOL

Of course she went on to inform me that at some point in my life I have to stop blaming her for everything. Are any of you like that? I blame my Mother and my past for everything. LOL (Not really but you get get the picture).

Sitting here today at the age of forty four I find myself asking “Why do I even care?” People are going to think what they want and in some cases, no matter how much you exhaust yourself trying to convince them otherwise, it does no good. I’d love to learn to be confidant in who I am and know that my actions come from a place of kindness, regardless of what others think. And when people don’t like it…Who the hell cares?

With that said, I love you Mother but thanks for the additional stress that I don’t need in my life. Lol


T is one of those people who couldn’t care less what others think. I know she wishes she could help me navigate to a place where I cared less as well. Maybe one day…:)

Until next time, what can you blame your Mom for?


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