I found this online and thought it’d be a neat blog post. I’m going to answer the questions as if I’m T…And I challenge you to do the same babe;)

What is something you always say to me?  Good morning beautiful

What makes me happy?  Just being with you

What makes me sad? Being so far from you

What was I like as a child?  A tomboy

How old am I? 47

How tall am I? 5’6?

What’s my favorie thing to do? In the Fall, watch football…In the Spring, fishing

What do I do when you’re not around? Watch tv, hang out

If I become famous what would it be for? Killing Bruce

What am I good at? Technical stuff, jeapordy,

What am i not so good at?  Hair and makeup

What makes you proud of me?  Your intelligence

What is my favorite food?  Italian subs

What do we do together?  Hang out, shop, laugh, talk

How are you and I the same?  We both are romantics deep down

Where is mt favorite place to eat?  Italian sub shop a few blocks away

How old was I when we met? 33

When is our anniversary? March 19

If I could go anywhere where would it be?  Alaska

How do I annoy you?  When you ask me a yes or no answer and I respond with anything but yes or no and you say “So is that a yes?” LOL

Do you think you could live with me forever?  Of course!

What is your favorite thing about me?  Your protective nature over me.

How well did I score?


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2 Responses to Questions…

  1. T says:

    Your answering for me? Awwww shucks xxx


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