Your Voice…



Your voice is the second thing I’m aware of each day…Telling me good morning and that you love me. This is the soft voice that is able to get a smile out of me even though I hate mornings.

Your voice can be strong and domineering, commanding me to bend to your desires. It’s the voice of strength and self assurance. The one that makes me feel safe…The one I hunger for, the one I require.

Your voice is the one that laughs with me, jokes with me and brings me comfort. It’s the one that comes home at the end of the day, with a happy tone, letting me know how happy you are to see me. It’s the one that can get so giddy and cheerful with me, but you’d never dare let anyone else hear that. (I have a plan for that by the way) LOL

Your voice is the one that moans with such passion as I slowly and eagerly bring you to ecstasy. The one that whispers in my ear…The one that says “Good girl” and makes me proud to please you. It’s the voice that tells me to bend over…The one that my body responds to with wetness.

It’s the voice of comfort and reassurance I hear when I’m upset or angry. The one that has such a calming effect on me. The one that says “I love you”.


Your assertive and compelling voice is the only thing I hear when you send me to that wonderful place of euphoria…The one that controls my actions, my mind, my body…This is the voice I ache for…The one I starve for.

Your voice is the one I miss when I don’t hear it for a while…This makes me sad.

Your voice has many roles…It’s used to comfort, reassure, love, command, and laugh. without it, I’d be lost.

It’s the one I will stand in front of on our wedding day and vow to love and cherish forever…The one that will say to me “I will”…

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