Our Private Place…


In a small cabin, secluded in the woods away from nosy neighbors and onlookers, we’ll live quietly and happily ever after…A place that’s surrounded by nature, where privacy is never in question.

Our little slice of paradise where my screams can’t be overheard as you inflict your desires onto my body. A place so far away that we could make love in the woods if we so desired.

I imagine our bedroom being behind the upstairs window, a cozy loft with fluffy blankets and pillows everywhere. A sweet little kitty cat napping by the wood burning fireplace…The same fireplace we sometimes make love in front of.


I can imagine myself sitting by the window each day taking in the beauty that surrounds us…Having my coffee on the back porch while the rest of the world sleeps.

Our porch will have a swing with colorful flowers in every corner. Baskets of overflowing blooms calling to the hummingbirds.

If you continue to the perimeter of the back yard you’ll find a dense forest with romantic, misty walking trails. The further you explore, the louder the silence. A place where love blooms and dreams are made up.

images (4)


In the winter, the snow covered leaves and trees give an even larger sense of purity to this already innocent, unspoiled existence…A fantasy land.

Winter in the forest

This is our private place. A place where only invited guests can penetrate it’s walls.


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One Response to Our Private Place…

  1. hedo2014 says:

    Perfect. I might be old & grey by the time I can give up work for just such an abode; but it’s been my goal for too long to remember. One day …….

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