I want to Kiss You in the Rain…


I long for this moment. The moment we find ourselves outside as a thunderstorm comes upon us…

The sky begins to darken, the sun hiding behind the clouds…

Our steps quicken as the thunder rolls, fierce and loud.

The rain begins to fall as we seek shelter under the arms of an ancient oak…

My shoulders begin to quiver from the chill as you wrap me in your coat.

The storm sets in and the winds grow stronger…

Pressing me against the tree, hands on either side of my face you begin to ponder.

With a sly smile on your face, you lean in for a kiss…

Rain dripping down, hair clinging to my face, I accept and pull you to me with a strong grip.

Tongues dancing together, oblivious to the storm…

Our love is wild and free…refreshed and reborn.

I long to kiss you in the rain…



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