More About Me…


Lovely field with bright yellow and orange daffodils (Narcissus). Shallow dof and natural light.

1- Five things to win my heart…Love, protective nature, respecting me, daffodils, treating my children well

2- Something I feel strongly about…Drugs…I’m not a fan!

3- A book I love…The Glass Castle

4- Things I want to say to an ex…You should have listened, you should have treated me better, I’m sorry

5-Three pet peeves…Leaving cabinet doors open, wearing shoes in the house, dirty bathrooms

6- How important I think education is…Extremely important. Although a lot of it is useless information, you have to have an education to get anywhere in life.

7- Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it…omgosh, I hate it! I wish every inch of it were smaller (except my boobs, they can get bigger). I’m not comfortable with my body at all.

8- What I’m wearing today…Jeans, black short sleeve shirt and flip flops

9-Zodiac sign…Sagittarius

10- Something I think “what if” about…I often wonder what if I had left my marriage when I was much younger. Would it have been easier for myself, my children?

11- Something I’m proud of…My boobs haha…Seriously though, I’m proud that I’ve been a good mom.

12- A problem that I’ve had…I have a problem hurting and disappointing people. I can’t stand it.

13-  Things I lust after…T, her love attention, approval, her jealousy, her dominance

14- My fears…Death, my relationship with my daughter becoming estranged, health issues, loved ones leaving me, being alone.

15- What I hope my future will be life…A nice normal and relaxed life with T


16- Something that I miss…My grandparents…oh, and mac and cheese, fall leaves, my dog that I had for 17 years.

17- Something I’m currently worrying about…My relationship with my daughter, My upcoming move and the fear of the unknown. The fear of leaving the only life I’ve known for twenty plus years. (I’m a creature of habit and dislike change!) BUT, with that said, this is what I want and I’m super excited at the same time!!!

18- Things I like and dislike about myself…I like my boobs, my round butt, my personality, my loyal nature, my ability to commit wholeheartedly…I dislike my weight, my legs, my arms, my tummy, my toenails, my TOO trusting nature, the fact I let people take advantage of me, the fact that I’m a pushover, and I’m TOO forgiving.

19- Somewhere I’d like to visit…The Fl Keys, Alaska, Someplace life Bora Bora, Maine (coastal)

20- Weird things I like…The smell of potting soil, the smell of play dough, annnnnd I’m not sure what else.

21- One thing I’m excited for…MY LIFE WITH T TO BEGIN!!! Finally after all these years!


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