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I’m curious to know why people play Second Life. Is the BDSM aspect of it the attraction? Is there anything other than kinky stuff that goes on in that game? Not that I want to play but I’m curious…Any feedback would be great!

When I search SL online NOTHING but bdsm stuff comes up…Dom’s here and there, slaves everywhere…whips, chains and floggers…cuffs, gags, and even alternate world bdsm clubs you can attend… You name it. It seems to me that you’d have to have some interest in this kink in order to play in this world. Do people use this as a means of meeting others? Do people build relationships in this world? Would it be common to find players who are not there to meet others?

There’s even tutorials online about how to have sex in the game…It seems rather graphic…

Get the tool!

I am sure you have noticed that your avatar comes without genitals. Hence the first thing you need to do, get yourself a penis/vagina. Here a piece of advice: Second Life is a visual medium. Hence it does have a certain importance that you choose a penis that actually looks realistic and is in-line with the color of your skin.

There are freebie penises  around, but from what I have seen they look horrible. It is certainly not a turn on to look at an avatar, with a cock that looks like made of wood and is in a totally different color then your skin. At this point it does make sense to invest a little bit of money to get one that looks decent and realistic. They usually come with a color changer, which allows you to adapt its color to the color of your skin. For the sake of aesthetics, please make that effort!

Contrary to common believe: Size does actually matter, but within reason. You want to make love not an impalment.

Some people find those xcite attachments very sexy. They actually react to clicks on them in open chat. I personally crunch at the thought of a talking penis. I have yet to find out why people buy this stuff. But hey, if it rocks your boat, go ahead get a talking penis.

We all know I’m a RL submissive and have no objections to the lifestyle, the kinkier the better.However, Seeing as I’ve never played the game but others I know do, I’m curious to know exactly what it’s all about. =) I look forward to hearing your opinions!



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Whats the day of a BDSM slave like?


‎01-23-2012 08:31 PM

I am thinking about becoming a BDSM slave in SL and would like to know what the day of a slave is like. Is there a way i can go somewhere and “watch”?

I mean, it has to be more than just kinky sex, right? Are there some slave schools in SL? (BDSM, not Gor!)

Or can anyone give me an example what a slave does during the day?


No two relationships are the same. Neither are two Dom/mes the same, or two subs/slaves. Some will require chores done on a more or less regular basis, some won’t. For some, playtime is important and they do it a lot. For others, it’s more personal and less play. In other words… there’s no “normal day” for a BDSM couple, just like there is none for a vanilla couple.

If you’re interested in getting to know people, look for a nice and friendly sim, get to know people, and when appropriate see if you can find a mentor you’re comfortable with. The worst thing you can do is throw yourself at the feet of the first Dom or Domme you see. Even worse is committing to the first stranger that demands to collar you.

My favorite hangout is Velvet Thorn (femdom oriented), as it’s a very relaxed and casual community. Even if femdom isn’t your thing, it might be a good starting point to ask questions and find a sim that better suits your desires.

There are also some places that offer classes, though personally I feel they’re not necessary. In most sims you can get a notecard with the local rules, and some rules are more or less universal: Don’t IM people without their consent, be polite and curteous and so on.

Bottom line: Be careful of idiots, don’t be an idiot yourself and take it slow until you’re comfortable with the oddities and peculiarities of BDSM.

Good luck and have fun.


I just don’t see how a vanilla person would be attracted to this game…I mean seriously, don’t  people usually play for the sole purpose of meeting others? Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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