D/s and ANR…


Okay, so this is a post about perspective and how differently T and I think…Annnd a little info thrown in there for anyone who’s interested.

I accidentally came across an article on ANR (adult nursing relationships) This is a relationship between two adults where the couple induces lactation. The article I found was about ANR in relation to BDSM and D/s relationships.

I found several posts where the Dominant partner would have his/her submissive begin lactating, with his/her assistance of course. I couldn’t wrap my mind around this idea. As a submissive, I could totally see where the Dominant would lactate in order to have her sub more connected, bonded and dependent on her. But how could a Dominant possibly benefit from having his/her sub produce milk?

In our relationship, T is a Mother figure among other things. So, myself being the submissive, I could comprehend how the Dominant partner would want the submissive to “nurse or suckle” on her breasts. I hear the bonding experience is like no other. But what about the other way around? Having your submissive lactate? 


When I approached T and asked her how a Dominant could possibly benefit from having her submissive lactate, this was her response…She automatically saw it from the Dom perspective and said she could see where it would be a whole new rhelm of control over your submissive. Controlling her body and when she could and couldn’t milk. Having to depend on the Dom to allow you this relief would be a benefit considering the submissive is that much more defendant on you in a completely different way and on a completely different level.

I don’t find the practice of this surprising at all, I’m open minded to almost anything and everything, and if I’m being honest, there’s a very arousing aspect to this idea. What I did find surprising was the fact that lactation could be induced in a non pregnant woman. This subject is extremely interesting to me and has opened up a whole new world of research. And as always, T and I enjoyed discussing this from different perspectives. My eyes were opened to how and why it could be an attraction from a Dominant view point. It’s so cool to see how our minds work in different ways. Her’s from a Dom stand point, mine from a submissive view.

Here’s a couple of links in case anyone finds themselves as inquisitve as myself 😉




Happy reading and as always I welcome any comments, knowledge or experience on this subject.

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