Day 6 of truth challenge…


Something I hope I never have to do in my lifetime…

I hope I never have to bury my children. I’m pretty sure this is a universal fear of all parents. I just can’t even imagine having to go through the agony of the death of your child and I can’t imagine anything worse.

Your children are supposed to grow to have happy lives while you sit back and smile knowing they are living life and enjoying the world around them. To see them in pain is hard enough but to have to plan their funeral and bury them would be more than I could bare.

I don’t think I could go on knowing I’d never be able to speak with them or reach out and touch them again…Never be able to hear their voice. Did I tell them I loved them enough? I think I’d be miserable forever always wondering if I could of done something to prevent whatever tragedy took them from me.

Do you have a fear or something you hope you never have to experience?


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