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A Journey Begins…

Isn’t it pretty cool that no matter how well you think you know someone, you can always find out more when you sit down and talk. T and I had a pretty intimate conversation yesterday about things we’ve never really … Continue reading

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I want to Kiss You in the Rain…

I long for this moment. The moment we find ourselves outside as a thunderstorm comes upon us… The sky begins to darken, the sun hiding behind the clouds… Our steps quicken as the thunder rolls, fierce and loud. The rain … Continue reading

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Your Voice…

  Your voice is the second thing I’m aware of each day…Telling me good morning and that you love me. This is the soft voice that is able to get a smile out of me even though I hate mornings. … Continue reading

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Your hands are the first thing I feel each day as you reach out to rub me and tell me good morning. It’s those same hands that make their way into mine as we go for a drive or take … Continue reading

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I Know You Love Me…

I know you… I know how tender hearted you are no matter how tough your exterior appears… I know your clothes have to be folded perfectly before putting them away… I know how you hate doctor appointments…And public bathrooms… I … Continue reading

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Good Morning Beautiful…

On my way to work this morning an old song came on the radio and  I was reminded of when my daughter was a baby. It immediately put a smile on my face. I’m thankful for the higher power looking … Continue reading

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A Word About Compassion…

If we were all a little less judgmental the world would be a more accepting and joyful place. I honestly used to be horrible at judging people. I’d judge them on their clothes, their hair, their home…It was bad. Luckily … Continue reading

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